maandag 6 juli 2015

Hoe kun je afbeeldingen uploaden naar en beheren in Google Drive vanaf al je apparaten?

Gelezen op makeuseof: "How to Upload Images to Google Drive from Popular Platforms"
"You’ve got an image that you need access to from all of your devices. What do you do? The smart answer is to save it to the cloud, and if you’re someone who uses Google Drive extensively, you’re in luck as this cloud storage system is great for saving, sharing, and using images.
It’s simple to upload images to Google Drive, from any popular platform, where they will be stored securely..." Lees het hele artikel >>
In dit artikel worden de volgende zaken besproken:

  • Windows (vanaf je "Windows"-pc of laptop).
  • Manually Upload to Google Drive.
  • Automatically Send Images to Google Drive.
  • Android (smartphone & tablets).
  • Easily Copy Photos to Google Drive.
  • Use Automatic Sync to Upload Images to Google Drive.
  • iPad & iPhone.
  • Manually Upload Images from iPad to Google Drive.
  • Sync Photos Manually & Automatically to Google Drive.

Voor wie Google Drive gebruikt beslist een handig artikel!

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