vrijdag 4 december 2015

Gelezen op 't Web. Artikeltjes die ik interessant vind... [ 4 ]

In de rubriek 'Gelezen op 't Web - Deel 4' vind je weer een aantal m.i. interessante artikelen over gratis online tools, freeware, handige tips & trucs, online lesideeën en lesmateriaal en allerlei interessante online ICT-zaken die mogelijk zijn te gebruiken in het basisonderwijs. Ik vond deze artikelen op edublogs en voor het onderwijs interessante websites en wil deze artikelen delen...

  • Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: '3 Excellent Google Drive Extensions for Teachers'"In today's post, we selected for you three important Google Drive extensions every teacher should definitely know about. The apps are geared towards enhancing your Drive productivity and provide you with practical ways to facilitate your digital workflow. The first extension in the list allows you to save web content to read later on your Drive. This is especially useful for curating resources to use on a research project. The second app is ideal for quickly accessing and creating documents, spreadsheets and presentations with a couple of taps. The last extension is good alternative to work on Microsoft files right in your Google Drive without the need for installing Office in your computer..." Lees het hele bericht »
  • Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: '5 Great Tools for Creating Video Lessons'"We have curated for you today a list of some very helpful tools to use to create interactive video lessons. These tools are particularly ideal for blended and flipped classrooms. You can use them to transform passive video content into interactive and engaging learning experiences by adding features such as questions, comments, hotspots, links, text and many more. You can also use them to create video quizzes to share with students in class..." Lees het hele bericht »

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