vrijdag 18 december 2015

Gelezen op 't Web. Artikeltjes die ik interessant vind... [ 6 ]

In de rubriek 'Gelezen op 't Web - Deel 6' vind je weer een aantal m.i. interessante artikelen over gratis online tools, freeware, handige tips & trucs, online lesideeën en lesmateriaal en allerlei interessante online ICT-zaken die mogelijk zijn te gebruiken in het basisonderwijs. Ik vond deze artikelen op edublogs en voor het onderwijs interessante websites en wil deze artikelen delen...

  • Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 'Some Useful Google Photos Tips for Teachers'
    "Google Photos is a powerful application from Google that helps you store, organize and share photos and videos. It provides you with an unlimited free storage so you can back up and save as many photos and videos as you like. Google Photos is also available on Android and iOS devices enabling you to access your photos across different platforms.  In today’s post, we are sharing with you some useful tips to help you make the best of your Google Photos. All of the instructions included in these tips relate to Google Photo on the web..." Lees het volledige bericht »
  • Free Technology for Teachers: 'Flubaroo Offers a New Extra Credit Grading Option'
    "Awarding partial credit for answers is now available in Flubaroo. The partial credit option only works when you're grading responses on questions formatted with the check box option found in Google Forms. Formatting a question with the check box option allows you to create a question in which students can respond by selecting multiple answer choices. With the partial credit option you can award points if students pick only one of two or three correct choices...Lees het volledige bericht »
  • Free Technology for Teachers: 'Two Ways to Blur Faces in Videos'
    "Whether it's a holiday concert, a science fair, or a sporting event throughout the school year there are plenty of opportunities for creating videos that include images and or raw video of students doing neat things. Not every student wants to appear in those videos. Likewise, not every parent wants his or her child's image to appear in those videos. Fortunately, there are a couple of relatively easy ways to blur a child's image in a video..." Lees het volledige bericht »
  • Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 'Two wonderful Google Drive Tools to Use with Gmail'
    "In a previous post, we reviewed Contact Group which is a Gmail feature that allows you to organize your contacts into different groups so you can easily send emails to specific set of people.Today, we are sharing with you two interesting Drive tools that work perfectly with your Gmail. The first one is called Mail Merge with Attachment and you can use it to send individualized email messages including attachments to multiple recipients.The second one, Save Emails and Attachments, lets you save email threads and attachments to Google Drive folders..." Lees het volledige bericht »
  • GratisSoftware.nu: 'Gratis Anti-Plagiaat Software'
    "De term plagiaat wordt gebruikt voor het kopiëren van iemands werk zonder daarbij de bron te vermelden. Met een plagiaatscanner is het mogelijk om tekstdocumenten te analyseren en te vergelijken om te controleren of deze gekopieerde teksten bevatten. Op deze pagina geven we een overzicht van gratis anti-plagiaatprogramma's..." Lees het volledige bericht »

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