donderdag 21 januari 2016

Chronas: interactieve atlas van de wereldgeschiedenis

Gespot op Google Maps Mania: 'The History Map' (14-12-2015):
"Imagine Google Maps with a date control which allowed you to view an atlas of the world for any period in history. That is the ambitious aim of Chronas.
Chronas allows you to view an interactive map of the world showing the country boundaries for any date from the year 1 AD to the year 2000. If you select a year from the time slider, running along the bottom of the map, the map will update to show how the world looked at the chosen time..." Lees het volledige artikel »

Wat is Chronas?

"The name Chronas is a combination of Chronos and Atlas indicating the chronological and cartographical approach of the history application.
The initial idea in mid-2014 was to add a time slider to a Google Maps like application, making it possible to travel back in time: watching realms being founded, grow and disappear again. The goal was to get a better understanding of how the world's history is interconnected. What happened in Asia when Rome dominated Europe? What happened in Arabia when Kublai Khan proclaimed himself the emperor of China?
At a later stage it was decided not only to use political land boundaries but also to add religious and cultural context to a given moment in time. Then markers were added of people living at the selected year, then markers for cities, buildings, battles... later again, analytical capabilities and an interactive image gallery. As a foundation, our local Chronas database contains over 31 223 datalayers with about 4.6 Gigabyte of data to explore. Have a look at the development blog, if you are interested in the implementations.
The framework is set for the next phase: to make the content of Chronas editable in the way of OpenStreetMap or Wikipedia. Chronas' moderators will have the rights to add and edit Wikipedia page links and all other data such as the coloring by ruler, religion and culture of a specific time period..." Lees verder »
 Of korter:
"Chronas is a history project linking Wikipedia and Wikidata with a chronological and cartographical view."

Hoe werkt Chronas?

Bron: YouTube - 'Chronas: Basic Features'. Dietmar Aumann - 21-10-2015

Bijschrift bij het filmpje

"Chronas is a history project linking Wikipedia to a dynamic map with a time slider.
Use the application at the community site:

Chronas gekoppeld aan Wikipedia

Een hele mooie site! Als geschiedenis leuk vindt, dan moet je deze site zeker uitgebreid bekijken. Jammer, dat dit soort mooie dingen weinig of niet in het Nederlandse taalgebied worden gemaakt.


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