dinsdag 21 juni 2016

Google Fonts: website met 800+ gratis te downloaden lettertypen

Op de website 'Google Fonts' heeft 'Google' - op het moment dat ik dit schrijf - 804 lettertypes staan die je gratis en zonder enige registratie kunt downloaden naar je computer en/of gebruiken voor je website. Meer over 'Google Fonts' lees je in het volgende artikel...

"Google has recently revamped its popular fonts site ‘Google Fonts’.  The site now has a user-friendly layout that allows you to easily navigate its directory that includes over 800 fonts. It offers a dynamic grid where you can preview fonts, select fonts you like, use preview text to test  them and many more. Fonts are organized into five main categories (Serif, Sans Serif, Display, Handwriting, Monospace) accessible from the left-hand sidebar. You can also filter your font search by sorts, languages and number of styles..." Lees het volledige artikel »

Over Google Fonts

"We believe the best way to bring personality and performance to websites and products is through great design and technology. Our goal is to make that process simple, by offering an intuitive and robust directory of open source designer web fonts. By using our extensive catalog, you can share and integrate typography into any design project seamlessly—no matter where you are in the world..." Lees verder »
'Google Fonts' heeft ook een pagina met 'Frequently Asked Questions' (Veelgestelde vragen).

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