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'SuperTeacherTools': 9 leuke en handige tools om te gebruiken in de klas

Op de gratis te gebruiken website 'SuperTeacherTools' vind je drie sjablonen om zelf leuke 'spellen' te maken en handige tooltjes voor je klassenmanagement:
  • 'Spel'-sjablonen voor 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire', 'Jeopardy' en 'Speed Match'.
  • Tools 'klassenmanagement': 'Seating Chart Maker', 'Group Maker' en 'Random Name Generator'.
  • Tooltjes voor je digibord en het maken van QR-codes: 'Classroom Timer', 'Countdown Clock' en 'QR Island'.
Voor sommige onderdelen moet je een (gratis) account aanmaken om datgene wat je hebt gemaakt (bijvoorbeeld een spel of klassenplattegrond) te kunnen bewaren en eventueel op een later tijdstip te wijzigen.

De 9 leuke en handige tools

Jeopardy Style Review Game

"The Jeopardy Review Game tool is by far the most popular tool on the site. With this tool you can create a custom jeopardy review game for use in classrooms, training sessions, or anywhere else a fun, team based review game is appropriate. Now it is easier than ever to insert your own pictures, symbols, and even drawings into your review games!"
Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?

"Who Want to be a Millionaire lets you create a multiple choice review game in the style of the hit show of the same name that you know and love. Use the simple web form to enter your questions, choices, and correct response for each and you can challenge your students or a friend to a game of Who Wants to be a Millionaire!"
Speed Match

"Our Speed Match Review Game tool is the newest review game to be added to the site. Players must drag and drop answers onto the correct question to clear the board. Questions always appear in a different order. You can even download the Speed Match Flash Player file to use games that you have created offline without an Internet connection! Makes a great SmartBoard review game!"
Seating Chart Maker

"Looking for a quick and easy way to create a seating chart for your classes? This tool will help you make a free printable seating chart for an unlimited number of classes in minutes. You can enter up to 100 names into the Class List Maker form, then watch as they are randomly placed in your classroom. All desks are draggable so you can make your seating chart look more like your classroom."
Group Maker

"The Group Maker tool lets you generate groups of 2, 3, 4, and 5 students each in seconds! Take the headache out of randomly assigning groups for activities. If you have already created a class page using the Class List form, you can use the same lists for the Group Maker."
Random Name Generator

"Are you still using popsicle sticks to randomly draw student names? Step into the 21st century with the Random Name Generator. Using your class list page created with the Class List Maker form, you can randomly draw student names with your computer. The program will randomly display a name from your class list. Names are not repeated until everyone has been chosen once. This tool supports groups of up to 100 names!"
Classroom Timer

"Sometimes you just need to quickly put up a timer on the board during testing or other timed events in the classroom. Here is a very unique timer for such cases."
Classroom Countdown

"If you need your students to know how much time is left for testing, writing prompts, or any other timed event, this page will let you count down in style."
QR Island

"QR Codes are a great way to bridge the gap between the real world and the digital world, especially in the classroom! This free tool will help you create and print QR codes for use in a variety of classroom activities."

'Super Teachertools Helpdesk'

Op de 'Help'-pagina vind je de 'Super Teachertools Helpdesk' met een 'Knowledgebase'.

'Instant Classroom': voor je klassenmanagement

Wil je alleen gebruik maken van de 'Seating Chart Maker', de 'Random Name Generator' of de 'Classroom Group Maker' dan kun je meteen naar de website 'Instant Classroom' gaan. 'Instant Classroom' is een onderdeel van 'SuperTeacherTools'

Voordat je één van deze drie tooltjes hun werk laat doen, moet je eerst eenmalig een namenlijst van jouw groep aanmaken. Die namenlijst wordt in alle drie de genoemde tooltjes gebruikt. Kortom: 'Instant Classroom' is een geweldig handige tool om achter de hand te hebben. Ik heb de tool(tjes) uitgeprobeerd met een leerlingenlijst van een denkbeeldige groep 8 van 10 leerlingen. Je kunt die namenlijst zo vaak gebruiken als je wilt. Kortom: ’n aanrader!

In 2013 heb ik een handleiding geschreven voor 'Instant Classroom'. Je kunt die handleiding hier downloaden (pdf).


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