dinsdag 15 november 2016

Sinterklaas pakt uit! 5 Lijstjes met allerlei (gratis) webtooltjes

Lijstjes met (gratis) webtools..; ik ben er gek op! In deze blogpost vind je vijf van die lijstjes. Wel allemaal in het Engels! Maar goed, dat moet geen probleem zijn, toch...

Eén van de - denk ik - bekendste lijsten is de lijst met de 'Top 200 Tools for Learning' van Jane Hart, "founder of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies". Vanaf 2007 stelt zij allemaal 'Top 100'-lijstjes samen gebaseerd op de voorkeur van onderwijsprofessionals. Dit jaar heeft zij zelfs een 'Top 200'-lijst samengesteld. Zij vermeld al die tools op de website 'Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies'. Naast de 'Top 200 -lijst 2016' is ook de 'Tools Directory' interessant om te bekijken.

De tweede lijst is een lijstje gemaakt door Jacqui Murray van het edublog 'Ask a Tech Teacher'. Zij heeft een lijstje gemaakt met allerlei grappige tooltjes. Vind je die niet geschikt voor jouw leerlingen dan loont het de moeite om de door haar genoemde tools gewoon zelf te bekijken. Wellicht dat je iets vindt om zelf (in jouw klas) te gebruiken...

"It was in 2007 that I compiled the first Top 100 Tools for Learning from the votes of learning professionals worldwide and have done so every year since then. This year to mark the 10th anniversary I have compiled the TOP 200 TOOLS FOR LEARNING 2016. The full list appears in the left-hand sidebar; follow the links to find out more about each of the tools. The slideset of the Top 200 Tools is embedded at the bottom of this page..." Lees de volledige artikel ▶

"Most teachers I know accept that their classes must be technology-infused. Many think that means replacing traditional tools with the tech version (for example, instead of creating a big bulky poster, use a virtual poster like Glogster). Others think using iPads to read the book is homage enough to the 21st Century teaching police. A surprising number of students — and teachers — still consider technology to be the realm of a chosen few endowed with brilliance and math/science skills. When you try to explain that technology, computers, and websites are easily accessible to anyone willing to think critically and solve problems, they laugh. Or hide.
Here are fourteen websites I use to persuade teachers that technology isn’t always about math and science, that lots of tools work flawlessly as they inspire students to new ways of learning..." Lees de volledige blogpost ▶

"Today’s student generation is mobile, online and Internet-savvy. They are all computer gurus, and they often engage better with their electronics than they do with paper and pencil.
As the saying goes, when you can’t beat ’em, join ’em: charge into the information age as a 21st century teacher. Use online tools and resources to power your lesson-planning and engage your students. And do it for free, with these 101 online tools for collaborative learning – all free to use, or at least free to try..." Lees de volledige blogpost 

"It’s not always easy to find the confidence to try new things and integrate 21st-century applications in the classroom. We are here to give you the know-how necessary to continue to learn about new free tech tools.This collection of free tech tools for your classroom will help you learn how to enhance your curriculum and improve the learning experience for your students..." Lees de volledige blogpost ▶

"When teachers know their students well, they can build strong connections that lead to better learning. Knowing students’ interests, strengths, and weaknesses help teachers tailor learning experiences for their students. Formative assessment involves the teacher collecting information about what students know, don’t know, and want to learn. This information takes many forms, including observations, exit tickets, discussions, games, and quizzes. These kinds of informal assessments can also help teachers get to know their students as learners and as people..." Lees de volledige blogpost ▶

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