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3 Interessante artikelen met tips voor het gebruik van en een infographic over 'Google Keep'

'Google Keep' is een geweldige tool van Google om notities te maken, te bewaren en te bekijken op je computer, tablet en/of laptop.
Al eerder heb ik een aantal blogposts geschreven over 'Google Keep':
Onlangs vond ik in mijn 'RSS-lezer' een viertal Engelstalige artikelen over 'Google Keep' waaronder de prachtige infographic '10 Basic Google Keep Tips Every Teacher Should Know about'...

"Do you have an awesome memory? Or just use paper? Then, you don’t need Google Keep or any other from the massive galaxy of digital note-taking apps.
This is also not another of those articles where I go to town praising one app over the other. Note-taking tools are as much about our individual needs as they are about the habits we form with each of them. Google Keep may be Google’s answer to Evernote… but it is no Evernote or Microsoft OneNote. Google Keep is better for temporary notes, while Evernote is exceptional for keeping things long-term [...]" Lees het volledige artikel

"Google Keep is a great way to keep your notes organized on the go. Available on Android, iOS, and in a browser, mobile users can also capture their notes using voice recordings instead of having to tap your notes out.
While you can save voice memos using the native voice recorder on your phone, using Google Keep is far more efficient [...]" Lees het volledige artikel

"[...] Within Google Keep there is an option to set daily reminders for yourself. I have three of them in my personal account. At 7am, 9am, and 11am every day those reminders pop-up on my desktop and on my phone. They're also present in my Google Calendar. In the video embedded below I demonstrate how to create reminders on Google Keep [...]" Lees het volledige artikel

Uitlegfilmpje 'How to Use Google Keep to Work Toward Goals'

"Since its release awhile ago, Google Keep has gained so much popularity among teachers and educators and within a very short period of time it established itself as one of the best note taking alternatives [...] we have also created this handy infographic that captures the 10 basic tips every teacher using Google Keep should know about [...]" Lees het volledige artikel

Prachtige infographic met 10 tips voor het gebruik van 'Google Keep'
  • Klik HIER om deze infographic in een 'leesbaar' formaat te bekijken.
  • De vergrote versie verschijnt in een nieuw tabblad.
  • Zet in het venster de cursor op de infographic op het te klikken.
  • De infograpic wordt dan leesbaar.

De Nederlandstalige support van 'Google Keep' vind je op https://support.google.com/keep/?hl=nl#topic=6262468.

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