woensdag 18 januari 2017

4 Artikelen met tips en handige tools voor het gebruik van YouTube

In mijn 'RSS-lezer' vond ik onlangs vier recente artikelen waarin handige, leuke en gratis tooljes worden genoemd om het gebruik van YouTube nog leuker en interessanter te maken...

#1. Makeuseof: 'Make YouTube Even Better With These 15 Amazing Tools'

"Do you want to add lyrics to music videos? Get YouTube to play in a pop-out window? Print a video storyboard? Mix together some of your favorite songs? There are third-party tools that’ll allow you to do all that and more [...]" Lees het volledige artikel ▶

#2. Makeuseof: '10 More Cool Things You Can Do With YouTube Videos'

"YouTube remains one of the most popular websites in the world, which makes sense. Just about every video clip that becomes viral — whether a music video, comedy sketch, or tutorial — finds its way onto YouTube eventually.
Just how popular is the site? As of December 2016, 44 videos had accumulated more than one billion views, and four had surpassed two billion — who doesn’t remember Psy’s "Gangnam Style"?
While the site remains a go-to staple for quickly viewing video clips, there are a number of other things you can do with it. Here are 10 YouTube hacks that will make your viewing experience even more enjoyable [...]" Lees het volledige artikel ▶

#3. Makeuseof: 'Capture Streaming Video From Any Website With These 5 Tools'

"A  majority of today’s internet traffic consists of streamed video. YouTube alone accounts for a big chunk of that. Over 400 hours of content uploaded every minute, an average of 40 minutes watched per session, and greater reach in the 18–49 demographic than cable TV.
 And then you have to consider other video streaming sites like Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Vine, Twitch, etc. That’s a lot of data flowing around.
 If your ISP caps your monthly data allowance, then video streaming can be expensive. You end up downloading a lot of repeat data every time you re-watch a video, and it can add up quick. It’s also a pain not being able to watch videos when your internet cuts out (or the video site goes down).
 The solution is to download frequently-watched videos to your computer. You can re-watch them as many times as you want without wasting bandwidth. This is especially useful for educational and entertainment videos as they both tend to be highly re-watchable [...]" Lees het volledige artikel

#4. Computer!Totaal: 'Zo download je video's van YouTube'

"Iedere minuut wordt er meer dan 100 uur aan video op YouTube geplaatst. Het platform is verreweg de populairste plek voor het uploaden en bekijken van video. Dat willen ze graag zo houden, dus een mogelijkheid om video's te downloaden is er niet. Maar wat als je tóch een filmpje wilt bewaren? Met deze tips kun je alsnog video's van YouTube downloaden [...]" Lees het volledige artikel

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